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Happy Easter!

Easter Decoration Candle DIY Project

Many of  you commented on and appreciated my earlier DIY projects (St. Patrick day candle and Valentine’s day candle, thanks so much for all the comments.) about how to decorate candles in an easy way. With that I’m encouraged to put one more candle decoration project but this time for Easter.


Note: This DIY project idea is inspired by  the blog post “Graphic printed candles DIY” which can be found on the wonderful blog called “Crafty, Scrappy, Happy” by Jaime Lyn.


For this candle decoration you can use any photo. For example you can use your family photo, baby photo, sticker, cartoon and even a book picture. In this DIY project I have used a bunny picture from a paper napkin. Let’s get started! First we have to get a picture of our choice and then we will laminate the picture on the candle using liquid wax coating. This is a little tricky part and I’ll explain how to do this below. Once this step is done, I promise you that everybody who looks at this candle will ask you about it and about how did you do it? This is an inexpensive way to custom design your candles. I learned this technique long time back from my art teacher. This is a great way to laminate any art work with wax and save it.


Let’s get started. You will need a photo, a plain white candle, scissors and hot liquid paraffin wax.

Easter Candle Decoration DIY

Cut your picture and put it on the white candle.


Easter Candle Decoration DIY


You can find paraffin wax in your local art store. Make sure that you only use “Paraffin Wax” and don’t try to use just any wax.


WARNING: Make sure that you use proper gloves for melting and then handling liquid paraffin wax. Remember to work in a well ventilated area and never heat paraffin wax hotter than 240º F (it will burst into flames).

Easter Candle Decoration DIY


Now you can use this liquid wax just as any other paint. So get your painting brush and dip it in and paint over the photo on the candle. Try to give a nice coat of wax all over the photo specially around the edges.


Easter Candle Decoration DIY



Happy Easter Candle Decoration DIY


Easter Candle Decoration DIY


With this liquid wax painting technique you can laminate a photo on the candle.


How are your candle decorations coming along? Share your links/pictures, comments, feedback in the comments below.


Happy Easter to you with all best wishes!


St. Pat’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Candle Decoration DIY


St. Patrick’s day isn’t too far and I hope that all Irish and Irish American folks and even those who are not Irish but like to celebrate, take part and enjoy all holidays of the world are getting ready –

  • with their Shamrock’s inspired designs for the parade,
  • the big feast,
  • sunday church,
  • dancing and singing along the tune of  wonderful ballad “The Wearing of the Green”
  • and of course who can forget the beer :-).
This DIY is very similar to my earlier “Valentine Candle” DIY project. Please check out the details in that blog post if you want to see the instructions/steps for how to paint a candle, what paints can be used etc.

Valentine Candle

Micro DIY #5

Your love is like a candle that warms my heart!

This is my 5th Micro DIY in the Valentine series of 9. You can check the previous four here, here, here and here.

There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than a candle to express ones love. With this thought in mind I have created this simple DIY that can be done in under 10 mins and won’t cost you anything.

You can use any solid colored, thick candle that might be sitting somewhere in your garage, basement or closet. I used a white color candle that I bought many years ago and was sitting in my laundry room (not sure why it was in there).

With a bit of creativity you can convert this candle into a wonderful Valentine’s day decor. This is how the decorated & painted candle will look like finally.




You can paint heart shapes on the candle with brush and fabric paint.



You can paint heart shapes on the candle with fabric or any marker.



You can also use glitter paint to decorate the candle.



Happy Crafting!


Update as of Feb 21st 2012: I have submitted this post to “Topsy Turvy Tuesdays” run by beautiful Ashlee of I’m Topsy Turvy.

Update as of Feb 20th 2012: I have submitted this post to “American Crafters Audition #4” an awesome blog run by Amy of Nap Time Crafters.

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