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Halloween Eraser necklace

No great Halloween costume is complete without some fun accessories. And these accessories can be made even more fun when you make them yourself. Here’s an easy way of making cute Halloween accessories, appropriate for all ages, without breaking the bank, and having fun at the same time.



Materials – Halloween Eraser from dollar shop, Ribbon or lace,Needle, screwdriver or skewers.



Using the screwdriver, make a hole in the top of each eraser.

Run the string through the hole made.




Thanks for visiting my website! There’s more fun Halloween crafts and accessories on the way, so keep coming back to my website and checking for them! Feel free to post any pictures of your crafts on my blog, I’m always looking for new ideas!


Black and White Halloween SPOOKY Banner

Delight your guests with “SPOOKY” halloween black on white banner bunting with cute spiders and webs. Hang it above the fireplace, candy table, patio or porch.

BOO on FIRE Sun Flower Halloween Banner

Ultra Scary banner. WARNING: It may suck the light of the day & darkness of the night into its creepy bottomless black holes from where nothing ever comes out.


Halloween Happy Smiley Ornament Pumpkin

Super cute hand painted Halloween Pumpkin banner bunting. It will be the best Halloween decor in the neighborhood and will make guests, everybody smile & love.


Happy Smiley Halloween Pumpkin


Check this banner on my Etsy store








Winter snow banner for kids room decor (DIY)

Last minute Christmas Ornaments 

 (DIY) – Part-I

We all know “Christmas” is around the corner and just ready to knock on our doors. I have been fascinated like many other craft junkies with the desire to never stop making Christmas ornaments. So this time I have a DIY to design your own Christmas ornament and give new look to your decoration or your tree. This is going to be a short, sweet and quick project for the whole family including the kids.


I wish this DIY Christmas ornaments may festoon your Christmas tree with joy and love.


Now let’s start cranking!!


#1: First choose your Christmas ornament design.

I know choosing is hard and even harder is the question of where to find these designs/patterns? Well I think I can help a little bit to get you started there. One of the easiest and most creative way is to draw a design/pattern by hand. Of course that ain’t easy and if you are like me then you would rather prefer a pre-made design or pattern . Who doesn’t love easy, premade, free stuff? I do!


There are numerous such resources on the internet. Check out few of the awesome resources listed below –


#2: Choose a Holiday/Christmas pattern fabric

You can buy this from your local favorite craft store or from stores like Joann. Below is one such pattern-
Simplicity Pattern 2723-Christmas Decorations-One Size.


#3: You would need a Pellon Iron-on-backing (Single Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer) and you get it from your local craft store or from Joann.


#4: You would also need Satin ribbon.


#5: Lastly you would need a Scissor or Precision Knife. If you already have one then we all are set to start creating our DIY project.


Here are some of the Christmas ornament designs.

Christmas Ornament Designs


In the following image you can see all of my 5 items – Christmas Ornament Designs, Holiday themed fabric, Iron on backing, Scissor and Satin ribbon.

List of items for Christmas Ornament Design DIY


Step1: Apply Iron-on backing on the back side of the Holiday themed fabric to strengthen it.

Apply Iron-on backing


Check procedure of using pellon iron on backing  from the picture given below.

Instructions for how to use Pellon Iron-on backing?


Step2: Trace your designs on the Pellon iron-on backing i.e. on the back side of Holiday themed fabric. See ‘1’ below.
Now cut the fabric along the trace line with your scissor or precision fabric knife as shown in ‘2’ below.


You’re done cutting the design. Your ornaments are almost ready and will look like as shown in the image below.

Christmas Ornaments


Step3: Now we just need to thread the Satin ribbon through needle, then poke lightly with the fabric knife somewhere near the top of the ornament to make a small cut. Pass the satin ribbon through the cut and repeat the same for all other christmas ornaments.


You can hang the Christmas Ornaments garland around the Christmas tree or above your front door or porch or on any wall in your home.


You can also stick single ornaments any where in your home or even hang them on the Christmas tree.


The same above steps can be repeated for any ornament design. You can create single ornaments or a garland (kind of banner bunting) of Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments Garland


For your kids room the ornaments can be made with baby Christmas fabric designs & patterns.


For this DIY imagination is the limit to what you can create, depending on what theme you want to choose. I have few more DIY projects to share  that are related to this idea only and will be back soon to do that.

Happy Crafting till next time!


DIY Iron On Transfer Halloween Kitty


Five more days to go for Halloween and I have last DIY to share and I think it’s the easiest one so far (in comparison to all my previous DIY projects – “Halloween Necklace Garland“, “Banner Necklace” or “Halloween Accessory“) to do under 60 mins. I took lot of pictures while creating this project so most of it should self-explanatory. Hope you like it and here we go –

Material List for “Do It Yourself Halloween IRON ON TRANSFER BLACK KITTY”

  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Fabric markers or Fabric paints
  4. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  5. Yarn Needle
  6. Design print
  7. Pencil
  8. Wax free Tracing paper
  9. Adhesive Iron On sheet (Heat-n-Bond)

Image1: Material list for DIY Iron On Transfer Halloween Kitty

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DIY Last minute Halloween Accessory

Do It Yourself Last Minute Halloween Accessory

I have always loved belts and they look cool in every season and occasion. We are just few days away from halloween and I’ll help you to create a last minute accessory (belt) that is fun, makes you look pretty and is darn cute. Let’s get started –

You can make this “last minute dress accessory” in any size you want. According to the waist you can change  the length of the belt to whatever size you want.

Material List for DIY Last minute Halloween Accessory –

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl.
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Punch cutter
  6. Yarn Needle
  7. Fabric markers or Fabric paints
  8. Design print
  9. Measuring tape

Image1: Material List for Last Minute Halloween Accessory

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Banner Necklace

DIY (Do It Yourself) Halloween Banner Necklace in under 30 mins

I have been creating banners and bunting for halloween and other occasions. But that was only half the fun and if I can convert the banners into wearable jewelry, would that be cool? I’m going to design a wearable banner necklace and you be the judge if it’s any good or not. Let’s roll!

Material List for DIY Halloween Banner Neck Garland
You’ll need:

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl.
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Punch cutter
  6. Yarn Needle
  7. Fabric markers or Fabric paints

Step 1. Cut a strip of Vinyl 2 ” wide and 12 ” long.
You can choose a vinyl in your choice of color or you can paint the Vinyl with any color you want.
Hint: I chose to paint my Vinyl strip with Orange color (BOO) :-)

Image1 - Cut a strip 2" x 12" of Vinyl

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DIY Halloween Neck Garland in under 30 mins.

Do it Yourself  (DIY) Halloween Neck Garland

Inspiration: It’s all around but sometimes it can play hide and seek with us. All I need to do is look closely into things that people do and make. Whenever I need inspiration I go to Etsy or Notcot and try to follow people whose work is so incredible and amazing that you not only get motivated to do something but it makes you get up and start doing it NOW!

In the last few months I have been creating banners and buntings for Halloween. During this time I have come across some epic creative banners, buntings, home & party decor, gifts etc. on Etsy. Later when I created banners I wondered how would somebody else make these if they have to. I take classes every now and then at McLean Country Art Center and teach young girls and women ethnic art work like Batik and Tie & Dye. I always enjoyed those classes since I had to put some order and process to my chaotic work-style of doing things and that was challenging but fun too.

So today when my friend’s daughter Meg asked me how can she create some Halloween party favor, I came up with the idea of Neck Garland or Necklace with a hand-painted leather/vinyl pennant strung in a satin ribbon. So here we go –

Material List for DIY Halloween Neck Garland
You’ll need:

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl 
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter for cutting or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Punch cutter 
  6. Fabric markers or Fabric paints

Image1 - Material List (DIY Halloween Neck Garland)

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Banner-o-Zilla !!!

Halloween on Fire!

Halloween is not to far and I’m all excited. I’m ready for candy corn, visiting haunted mansions, watching scary movies (may be not the real scary ones :)) and I’m already thinking about Halloween costumes.


There is something else that is exciting for me this year. I am designing and creating handmade banners and buntings for halloween. I’ve already created quite a few (see here), have about a dozen more in the works and plan to design at least a dozen more. This is a Banner-o-Zilla year for me and I am so scared of it (I mean I love it!).


Be Fa-BOO-lous!!!

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