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DIY Last minute Halloween Accessory

Do It Yourself Last Minute Halloween Accessory

I have always loved belts and they look cool in every season and occasion. We are just few days away from halloween and I’ll help you to create a last minute accessory (belt) that is fun, makes you look pretty and is darn cute.┬áLet’s get started –

You can make this “last minute dress accessory” in any size you want. According to the waist you can change ┬áthe length of the belt to whatever size you want.

Material List for DIY Last minute Halloween Accessory –

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl.
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Punch cutter
  6. Yarn Needle
  7. Fabric markers or Fabric paints
  8. Design print
  9. Measuring tape

Image1: Material List for Last Minute Halloween Accessory

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