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Thanksgiving is fun!

I have been playing with many ideas since last few days and wanted to create some artwork in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Every time I would sit on my desk, draw some new designs and then would drive up to Hobby Lobby to find items that I can use to create these designs. My good friend Morgan has helped me so much every time I am there, answering all the silly questions I have with the same enthusiasms and happiness on her face. I realized then that I should come up with something that reflects and states loudly “happiness and fun”. Something that you can wear and show it to all. Like a headband, bracelet or jewelry. Like Morgan’s smile!

This has been a fun project and specially because Morgan and her gorgeous cousins came over to my place and modeled with all the items I had designed. They are so much fun and so cute. I had a great time shooting their pictures and thanks to all of them for making this a truly fun project.
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  1. I loved the head bands and the jingle bell bracelets. I have asked my mom to buy two of each.

    I Love u!

  2. LOVE YOUR WORK && LOVE YOU! looking forward to making a purchase of my own with my next paycheck :) see you soon!

    love you

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