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DIY Halloween Neck Garland in under 30 mins.

Do it Yourself  (DIY) Halloween Neck Garland

Inspiration: It’s all around but sometimes it can play hide and seek with us. All I need to do is look closely into things that people do and make. Whenever I need inspiration I go to Etsy or Notcot and try to follow people whose work is so incredible and amazing that you not only get motivated to do something but it makes you get up and start doing it NOW!

In the last few months I have been creating banners and buntings for Halloween. During this time I have come across some epic creative banners, buntings, home & party decor, gifts etc. on Etsy. Later when I created banners I wondered how would somebody else make these if they have to. I take classes every now and then at McLean Country Art Center and teach young girls and women ethnic art work like Batik and Tie & Dye. I always enjoyed those classes since I had to put some order and process to my chaotic work-style of doing things and that was challenging but fun too.

So today when my friend’s daughter Meg asked me how can she create some Halloween party favor, I came up with the idea of Neck Garland or Necklace with a hand-painted leather/vinyl pennant strung in a satin ribbon. So here we go –

Material List for DIY Halloween Neck Garland
You’ll need:

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl 
  2. Satin ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter for cutting or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Punch cutter 
  6. Fabric markers or Fabric paints

Image1 - Material List (DIY Halloween Neck Garland)

Pennant – Cut the Vinyl/Leather in 2″ X 3″ (inches). The shape of the pennant could be square, rectangle, circular or you can be more creative. To keep things simple  I have chosen to cut it in rectangular shape.

Image2 - Cut the leather/vinyl to create into the shape of the Pennant you want

Now we have to paint some design on the Pennant. We can write something related to the occasion for ex. it could be “BOO” or “SPOOKY” or “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”. We need to be careful how the word(s) we choose to write should fit on the Pennant and not run over. Also we could also draw on the Pennant something like a an icon or design specific to Halloween. I have chosen to write “BOO” on the pennant. I have used a Black Color Fabric Marker to write it. You could also use Fabric Paint for this.

Image3 - Write or Draw on the Pennant with Fabric Marker or Paint

Now we are almost done. We need to make 2 holes in the pennant so that we can string the lanyard (or a simple satin ribbon) through it. I used a punch cutter to make the holes. You could also make two small cuts instead of holes.

Image4 - Cut small holes in the pennant to string the ribbon/lanyard

Now string the ribbon through the holes and tie them at the end. That’s it. You are done and we now have a Halloween themed Neck Garland.

Image5 - Halloween "BOO" Necklace

Another simple but interesting thing that can be done to make this look more attractive is to draw something on the other size of the pennant too. So that even if it flips over still it looks scary :-).

Image6 - Halloween "BOO" Necklace flip side

Did you like this project? If you did or didn’t (that’s cool) please do share your project pictures/links or comments.

Thanks for stopping by and wish you a Happy and super-scary Halloween!

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