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DIY Iron On Transfer Halloween Kitty


Five more days to go for Halloween and I have last DIY to share and I think it’s the easiest one so far (in comparison to all my previous DIY projects – “Halloween Necklace Garland“, “Banner Necklace” or “Halloween Accessory“) to do under 60 mins. I took lot of pictures while creating this project so most of it should self-explanatory. Hope you like it and here we go –

Material List for “Do It Yourself Halloween IRON ON TRANSFER BLACK KITTY”

  1. Cotton Fabric
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Fabric markers or Fabric paints
  4. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  5. Yarn Needle
  6. Design print
  7. Pencil
  8. Wax free Tracing paper
  9. Adhesive Iron On sheet (Heat-n-Bond)

Image1: Material list for DIY Iron On Transfer Halloween Kitty

Step 1: Put the tracing paper on the fabric and then put your halloween design (I used Halloween Cat) on the tracing paper and trace the cat. You can design anything like Candy Corn, Candy Man, Jack-o’Lantern, Vampire, Witch etc. that suits your project, occasion or event.

Image2: Trace the halloween cat

Step 2: Outline your design on the fabric with fabric marker

Image3: Darken the trace with fabric marker

Step 3: Paint some polka dots around the cat or you can paint any other decorative design you want. You may want to keep the design simple because as you remember we want to do this under and hour, right?

Image4: Add decorative motifs around the designs

Step 4: Paint the cat with color of your choice. I have used black.

Image5: Paint the halloween cat

Step 5: Using a scissor or fabric rotary cutter cut the design as shown in the image below

Image6: Cut the design

Step 6: This is how the painted, decorated cut out cat looks like. You like?

Image7: Final cut out of Cat design

Step 7: Now the fun stuff starts. We are going to use something called “Lightweight Iron-On Adhesive Sheet” and it is going to do part the magic we need to finish our “Halloween Kitty Iron on Sticker”. You can get them at Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby or your local, favorite craft store.

Image8: Iron on Adhesive "Heat n Bond Lite"

Image9: Other side of the "Iron on Adhesive Sheet" package

Step 9: Stick the “iron-on adhesive sheet” to the back of your design fabric and then iron it from paper side. Please also read the instruction on the above image before you do this. If my instruction are not clear enough please leave a comment and I will try to and will be happy to help you out to the best I can do to get this right for you.

Image10: How to use "Iron-On Adhesive Sheet"?

Step 10: The iron on design work is almost done now and this is how it should look. You may have a different design though.

Image11: Ohhh.. what a cute, scary, kitty. Meeeeooow!!

Image12: Trim the side of white back-sheet

Step 11: Start from a corner peel the sticker of the back-sheet

Image13: Peel the sticker off the backsheet

Image14: Completely peel the sticker from backsheet

Image15: Finally this is how the sticker (on the left) will look

Step 12: Add running stitch all around the edge of the design to give strength to the fabric and to prevent the fabric from coming off the sticker. I have used black thread for the running stitch.

Image16: Running stitch all around the edge of the fabric

Image17: Final look of the iron on sticker halloween cat

Step 13: Your sticker is ready and you can now put it on any t-shirt you want. To ensure that there are no wrinkles when you put the sticker on the t-shirt you may use an iron or any other heavy item.

Image18: Paste the sticker on any t-shirt and use iron to get rid of any wrinkles

Your “Iron-On Sticker Transfer Halloween Kitty is ready. Booyaa!!

Image19: Final "Iron-On transfer sticker Halloween Kitty"

You can also use these transfers when sewing your own tote bags or on any cotton, linen or canvas item like aprons, dish towels, bibs, tote bags and t shirts.

Try this simple DIY project and show your work to the world on this halloween. Your comments are most welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. Anything you say will give me more reason to create more DIY.

Happy Halloween.

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