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St. Pat’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Candle Decoration DIY


St. Patrick’s day isn’t too far and I hope that all Irish and Irish American folks and even those who are not Irish but like to celebrate, take part and enjoy all holidays of the world are getting ready –

  • with their Shamrock’s inspired designs for the parade,
  • the big feast,
  • sunday church,
  • dancing and singing along the tune of  wonderful ballad “The Wearing of the Green”
  • and of course who can forget the beer :-).
This DIY is very similar to my earlier “Valentine Candle” DIY project. Please check out the details in that blog post if you want to see the instructions/steps for how to paint a candle, what paints can be used etc.

I have seen the St. Pat’s Day parade in Manhattan many years ago and it was crazy, fantastic and over the top fun. This year me and my husband are planning to be at the parade in Chicago. If you are interested too, then checkout the details here Chicago St. Pat’s Day parade here.


Wish you all an early, safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day!


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  1. Geetali Singh says:

    Beautiful. My boss birthday is on St. Patrick’s day. I am definitely going to make it for him.

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