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Sweep your loved one!

 Micro DIY #4

This is the 4th post in my Micro DIY series that I have specially created for Valentine’s day. The idea is very simple – to have fun creating craft work from simple house hold things. Also time is an important reason for these Micro DIY projects, each one of them can be done in less than an hour, some of them would take few mins only.


Well let’s get started. We all have dozens of paper napkins sitting in the pantry or basement which we may have had bought on some occasion but haven’t used them since. We had a Valentine’s day party at our home last year and I have few dozen Valentine’s day theme paper napkins left over from the party. Today I’m going to use them but not to wipe anything but to create a banner from  them. How does that sound?




This is very cool & quick idea specially when we don’t have time (who does these days?).  This is how the final craft work would look like.



All we need is a dozen napkins (depending on how many flags you want to have in your banner, one napkin will make one flag) of any color you like, satin ribbon and fabric cutter. That’s it.




Cut a small slit on the two upper corners of the napkin.



Pass the satin ribbon through the slits at the top of each napkin.



You may want to hang this inside because you don’t want your banner to get wet or soaked because then the flags will once again become napkins but this time you will have to throw them away :-). So be careful to hand the banner in a dry place.



“Sweep your love one” banner is ready to be hung anywhere in your home.




Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Tahira – This was a wonderful idea…It worked great for my Son’s Birthday Party. Everybody at the Party loved this Idea. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful Ideas and link for the people who like to do Crafts at Home.

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