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Sweep your loved one!

 Micro DIY #4

This is the 4th post in my Micro DIY series that I have specially created for Valentine’s day. The idea is very simple – to have fun creating craft work from simple house hold things. Also time is an important reason for these Micro DIY projects, each one of them can be done in less than an hour, some of them would take few mins only.


Well let’s get started. We all have dozens of paper napkins sitting in the pantry or basement which we may have had bought on some occasion but haven’t used them since. We had a Valentine’s day party at our home last year and I have few dozen Valentine’s day theme paper napkins left over from the party. Today I’m going to use them but not to wipe anything but to create a banner from  them. How does that sound?




This is very cool & quick idea specially when we don’t have time (who does these days?).  This is how the final craft work would look like.



All we need is a dozen napkins (depending on how many flags you want to have in your banner, one napkin will make one flag) of any color you like, satin ribbon and fabric cutter. That’s it.




Cut a small slit on the two upper corners of the napkin.



Pass the satin ribbon through the slits at the top of each napkin.



You may want to hang this inside because you don’t want your banner to get wet or soaked because then the flags will once again become napkins but this time you will have to throw them away :-). So be careful to hand the banner in a dry place.



“Sweep your love one” banner is ready to be hung anywhere in your home.




Happy Crafting!!


Other Micro DIY projects in this series –

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Super Bowl Party Decor DIY

Are you ready for some football? We are almost there. Packed with action, entertainment, concerts, band and ice sculpting performances, variety of foods, ice cream and a whole lot more. With so much going on how can I sit still and do nothing. Everybody at your Super Bowl party will be asking you the recipe for this one of a kind, original DIY Super Bowl  mega event party banner.

Ingredients you will need for the banner –

  1. Football ball color fabric
  2. Iron on backing
  3. Football shaped paper cutout
  4. Satin ribbon
  5. White fabric paint, brush, fabric knife

Most of the material list item you will get it from your local craft store or from Joann.




It’s no brainer that the color of this banner has to be the same as the color of football. So I chose the fabric accordingly. Also each flag also has to be shaped like a football ball i.e. “Prolate Spheroid” (isn’t that cool?).
Step 1: Apply Iron-on backing on the back side of the fabric to strengthen it.



Step 2: Check procedure for using Pellon iron on backing from the picture given below.




Step 3: Write on the flags with washable marker and pre-cut stencil.



Step 4: Paint the cut out stencil with fabric paint



Step 5: Thread the Satin ribbon through needle, then poke lightly with the fabric knife near the top of the flag to make a small cut. Pass the Satin ribbon through the cut and repeat the same for all other flags.






Our Super Bowl  banner is ready, so let’s get ready for the game and party!!


DIY Valentine’s Day Banner



Valentine’s day is a celebration of hearts filled with love, longing for love, waiting for love, yet unknown to love, ready to share the love, swimming in the joy and passion of love, going nuts being in love, giving more love than before, expecting to receive love and… so on and so much more.

For me and in my craft world it is an appropriate time to create something that reflects love, passion and hearts. So I have made a DIY banner for Valentine’s day with fabric cut in the shape of hearts and it has super-cute print on it. To add a little more craft to this banner I have connected to each bunting a hand-knit flower. Hope you all like it.

So the first step as always is to make sure you have all the material you need for to create this banner. Prepare the material so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are in the middle of doing things.

  1. Designer fabric print (of your choice)
  2. Pencil
  3. Pellon iron on backing
  4. Satin ribbon
  5. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  6. Fabric knife
  7. Heart shaped stencil (I couldn’t find one in the market so made my own. It is very easy to make it. If you are good at drawing, draw a heart shape on a white sheet of paper. The size should be approx 6 x 6 inches. You can also find a heart shape on internet and print it (if you use a shape from the internet make sure you have the permission to download that artwork).
  8. Needle and thread

Now we are ready to start with our DIY Valentine’s day banner project-



Use a heart shaped stencil to trace the flower pattern on the fabric.




You can trace as many designs as you want on the fabric, just remember to do so on the back of the fabric. I drew 7 buntings, you can draw more or less depending on the length of the banner you want to make.




Now you need to add firmness  to each bunting. To add weight and stabilize the bunting you would need to add an “Iron On Backing”. You can get them at Jo-Ann ( or Hobby Lobby ( or your local, favorite craft store. (




Put your  heart shape on top of  Iron on Backing. Use hot iron until fabric is fused with Iron on Backing.




See instructions below in this picture.


Iron on backing1


Lay a single pennant on a foam board. Cut two small slits on the fabric with fabric knife or scissors.




Repeat the same for all pennants and then put a satin ribbon through the slits of each.




The shape of the pennant doesn’t have to be heart-shaped, you can choose any shape you like.




To decorate the bunting ever more I have used knitted flowers ( You may add any type of decoration to the bunting. I have done something simple and used the knitted flowers which I created few days ago.




Tuck your decoration with needle thread .




Love is in the air and this is how my DIY Valentine’s day banner finally looks like. Feel free to use this DIY to create your own and share them here. I have also put this final banner on my Etsy shop.





Thanks for reading the post and if you enjoyed it or would like to share somethings, please let a comment below.


Black and White Halloween SPOOKY Banner

Delight your guests with “SPOOKY” halloween black on white banner bunting with cute spiders and webs. Hang it above the fireplace, candy table, patio or porch.

Halloween Happy Smiley Ornament Pumpkin

Super cute hand painted Halloween Pumpkin banner bunting. It will be the best Halloween decor in the neighborhood and will make guests, everybody smile & love.


Happy Smiley Halloween Pumpkin


Check this banner on my Etsy store








DIY – Clown Turkey

In the spirit of the holidays and the movie “Muppets”  (to be released on Nov 23rd) and the characters in it who are just adorable, I have  created a fun “do it yourself” handicraft project which I hope can bring smiles. In this DIY project we will create a funny, clown Turkey banner to welcome thanksgiving and I can bet it would make you just as happy.

Let’s have some fun.

Step1: Here is the Material List for DIY Funny Clown Turkey

Image1: Material List for DIY Funny Clown Turkey

1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl
2. Satin ribbon
3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
4. Super Glue
5. Hand Puches
6. Fabric Markers or Permanent Acrylic Paint
7. Math Compass Math
8. Design print
9. Paint Brush
10. Precision Knife
11. Ultra ShapeXPress (Die cut any shape you want) (you can get it from Fiskars or Joann or at your favorite local retail/online store)

Step2: Now with the help of a math compass we are doing to draw a semi-circle of 4″ radius on the back side of the Vinyl. (I loved using the compass after a long-long time, I can’t even remember when I used it last). I used a yellow color leather fabric/vinyl.

Image2: Draw semi-circle using math compass

Step3: Cut a semi circle with the help of Ultra ShapeXpress. This is an amazing tool and can help Die cut any shape you want.

Image3: Cut a semi-circle using Ultra ShapeXpress

Step4: You can darken the outline of the circle with a marker and it would make it easy to cut the precise shape on the Vinyl.

Image4: Cut a semi-circle using Ultra ShapeXpress

Step5: This is the most interesting part of cutting the Vinyl. In this step we cut one more circle for the clown turkey’s face (I used 1.5″ diameter circle).

Image5: Cut a small circle which will be the Clown Turkey's face

Step6: Draw Turkey’s wings with a pencil and then mark the outline with a washable fabric marker.

Image6: Draw Clown Turkey's wings with washable marker

Step7: Cut the Vinyl with scissors along the outline of the Turkey wings. Once cut this is how it should look.

Image7: Cut the Clown Turkey wings

Step8: Turn over the Turkey’s face and put super glue on its back side as shown below and then glue it on top of the wings.

Image8: Cut out Clown Turkey's face and paste it on the wings

Step9: Fill Clown Turkey’s wings with your favorite color, using Fabric markers or Permanent Acrylic Paint.

Image9: Fill Clown Turkey wings with your favorite color

Step10: This is how I filled up the Clown Turkey wings. Do you like it so far?

Image10: Fill Clown Turkey wings with fun colors

Step11: Now we have to trace the most important part of the Turkey – the nose – a.k.a. Pygostyle.

Image11: Trace Turkey's nose a.k.a. Pope's nose

Step12: Now we have to glue the Turkey nose on the little circle (the turkey face) with super glue and paint it with suitable colors. Obviously I painted the clown Turkey nose with Red and  Green.

Image12: Painting the Turkey long nose.. it took a looooong time!

Step13: We are almost done with the clown Turkey flag and this is how it looks like.

Image13: Final Project

Step14: We need to make small cuts with a knife in two of the wings in Turkey flag to allow several Turkey flags to be hung together as a banner.

Image14: Make small cuts in the Turkey wing

Step15: Put matching ribbon throw the slits to hold the flags together in a banner

Image15: Put the satin ribbon through the small cuts in the Turkey wings

Make 4 to 6 Clown Turkey flags. You can fill each flag with different colors for the wings and nose.

Image16: The wonderful, funny, clown Turkey is in the town

Isn’t that one funny, clown Turkey banner?

I would love to hear from you about how did your Turkey banner turned out? You can share that with comments and links to your work.

I’m planning to travel a little bit around Thanksgiving, but I’ll be working all along.

So I’ll be posting more DIYs soon.

DIY – Autumn Banner!

Do it yourself – Classic Autumn Leaves & Flower Banner

Most of the Banners and Buntings I have created so far have been mostly for festivals, gifs, home decor and other occasions. This time around I’ve tried to create a unique, designer, floral banner that is made with high quality fabric and has rich autumn leave patterns. Each banner pennant itself is shaped like a flower. This banner is to celebrate, welcome and cherish the time of the year that I love the most i.e. Autumn. I enjoyed creating this banner a lot and hope you do to0!

Step1: So the first step as always is to make sure you have all the material you need for to create this banner. Prepare all the material so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are in the middle of doing things –

Image1: Classic Autumn Leaves Floral Banner

[Read more…]

Banner-o-Zilla !!!

Halloween on Fire!

Halloween is not to far and I’m all excited. I’m ready for candy corn, visiting haunted mansions, watching scary movies (may be not the real scary ones :)) and I’m already thinking about Halloween costumes.


There is something else that is exciting for me this year. I am designing and creating handmade banners and buntings for halloween. I’ve already created quite a few (see here), have about a dozen more in the works and plan to design at least a dozen more. This is a Banner-o-Zilla year for me and I am so scared of it (I mean I love it!).


Be Fa-BOO-lous!!!

Bunting and Banners

There are many things in life that are symbols of fun, frolic, holiday, festivities and community. Bunting, Flags & Banners fall in that category of things only and that’s why I love them. This is not new for me. While growing up in India bunting and banners made me happy because I knew that somewhere around the corner there must be some festivities going on.

In Hindi language there is a specific word “Jhandi” which simply means textile bunting. I’m so in love with the colors, designs, patterns and styes that can be used to make the “Jhandi” that this year I’m going to create a lot of them. For different seasons, occasions, events and even some to express certain emotions. Yes I’m going to do it. I’ve some of them almost ready and they will be up on the website very very soon.

Friends get ready for some awesome “Jhandi” (textile bunting) that will be available for sale. I would love to know if there are any specific styles or themes of bunting you would like to see and I would be more than happy to create them just for you.

This summer bunting is my love and I mean both the textile bunting and the beautiful bird.

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