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Multicolor Block Printed Happy Thanksgiving Banner

A unique happy thanks giving banner, each flag shaped like autumn leaves and has cute designs block printed in vibrant colors. Made with high quality fabric.

This is a “Do It Yourself” project for which you can get step by step instructions with pictures on my blog You can also buy the finished banner here on Etsy.



DIY – Clown Turkey

In the spirit of the holidays and the movie “Muppets”  (to be released on Nov 23rd) and the characters in it who are just adorable, I have  created a fun “do it yourself” handicraft project which I hope can bring smiles. In this DIY project we will create a funny, clown Turkey banner to welcome thanksgiving and I can bet it would make you just as happy.

Let’s have some fun.

Step1: Here is the Material List for DIY Funny Clown Turkey

Image1: Material List for DIY Funny Clown Turkey

1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl
2. Satin ribbon
3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
4. Super Glue
5. Hand Puches
6. Fabric Markers or Permanent Acrylic Paint
7. Math Compass Math
8. Design print
9. Paint Brush
10. Precision Knife
11. Ultra ShapeXPress (Die cut any shape you want) (you can get it from Fiskars or Joann or at your favorite local retail/online store)

Step2: Now with the help of a math compass we are doing to draw a semi-circle of 4″ radius on the back side of the Vinyl. (I loved using the compass after a long-long time, I can’t even remember when I used it last). I used a yellow color leather fabric/vinyl.

Image2: Draw semi-circle using math compass

Step3: Cut a semi circle with the help of Ultra ShapeXpress. This is an amazing tool and can help Die cut any shape you want.

Image3: Cut a semi-circle using Ultra ShapeXpress

Step4: You can darken the outline of the circle with a marker and it would make it easy to cut the precise shape on the Vinyl.

Image4: Cut a semi-circle using Ultra ShapeXpress

Step5: This is the most interesting part of cutting the Vinyl. In this step we cut one more circle for the clown turkey’s face (I used 1.5″ diameter circle).

Image5: Cut a small circle which will be the Clown Turkey's face

Step6: Draw Turkey’s wings with a pencil and then mark the outline with a washable fabric marker.

Image6: Draw Clown Turkey's wings with washable marker

Step7: Cut the Vinyl with scissors along the outline of the Turkey wings. Once cut this is how it should look.

Image7: Cut the Clown Turkey wings

Step8: Turn over the Turkey’s face and put super glue on its back side as shown below and then glue it on top of the wings.

Image8: Cut out Clown Turkey's face and paste it on the wings

Step9: Fill Clown Turkey’s wings with your favorite color, using Fabric markers or Permanent Acrylic Paint.

Image9: Fill Clown Turkey wings with your favorite color

Step10: This is how I filled up the Clown Turkey wings. Do you like it so far?

Image10: Fill Clown Turkey wings with fun colors

Step11: Now we have to trace the most important part of the Turkey – the nose – a.k.a. Pygostyle.

Image11: Trace Turkey's nose a.k.a. Pope's nose

Step12: Now we have to glue the Turkey nose on the little circle (the turkey face) with super glue and paint it with suitable colors. Obviously I painted the clown Turkey nose with Red and  Green.

Image12: Painting the Turkey long nose.. it took a looooong time!

Step13: We are almost done with the clown Turkey flag and this is how it looks like.

Image13: Final Project

Step14: We need to make small cuts with a knife in two of the wings in Turkey flag to allow several Turkey flags to be hung together as a banner.

Image14: Make small cuts in the Turkey wing

Step15: Put matching ribbon throw the slits to hold the flags together in a banner

Image15: Put the satin ribbon through the small cuts in the Turkey wings

Make 4 to 6 Clown Turkey flags. You can fill each flag with different colors for the wings and nose.

Image16: The wonderful, funny, clown Turkey is in the town

Isn’t that one funny, clown Turkey banner?

I would love to hear from you about how did your Turkey banner turned out? You can share that with comments and links to your work.

I’m planning to travel a little bit around Thanksgiving, but I’ll be working all along.

So I’ll be posting more DIYs soon.

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