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DIY – Autumn Banner!

Do it yourself – Classic Autumn Leaves & Flower Banner

Most of the Banners and Buntings I have created so far have been mostly for festivals, gifs, home decor and other occasions. This time around I’ve tried to create a unique, designer, floral banner that is made with high quality fabric and has rich autumn leave patterns. Each banner pennant itself is shaped like a flower. This banner is to celebrate, welcome and cherish the time of the year that I love the most i.e. Autumn. I enjoyed creating this banner a lot and hope you do to0!

Step1: So the first step as always is to make sure you have all the material you need for to create this banner. Prepare all the material so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are in the middle of doing things –

Image1: Classic Autumn Leaves Floral Banner

  1. Artificial Leather or Vinyl
  2. Satin Ribbon
  3. Rotary cutter or Scissors
  4. Super Glue
  5. Hand Punches
  6. Yarn Needle
  7. Fabric marker or Fabric paint
  8. Designer fabric print (of your choice)
  9. Pencil
  10. Pellon Iron on backing
  11. Paint brush

Step2: Now we have to design the individual flags for our banner. I have decided to create the flags shaped like a “flower”. You can choose any shape that you like. Now we have to find a hard board or foam board or we can even use a used cereal box. Take an empty cereal box, cut open the glued sides and lay it flat on the table so that you can draw on the inside of the box. I chose the “flower shape” so I’m going to draw this shape with pencil (you don’t need to be an expert at drawing and in a later project I’ll give some tips to how to hand draw the shape easily ) as shown in the “Image 2” below –

Image 2: Hand draw "Flower Shape" on the inside of a used cereal box

Step3: Now you need to cut out the above shape to make a “stencil” of it. Once you have the stencil ready you can use it later for other projects too. Isn’t that cool? Create one and then use it again and again! You can use either rotary cutter or scissors to cut out the shape. I used scissors for it since it was easy to go around the curved corners of the shape.

Image 3: Cut the flower stencil

Step4: The stencil in Image3 above will help us to trace and cut fabric of our choice in the shape of flower. In order to do that you will need something called “Pellon Iron on Backing” and have to put  it on the back side of your fabric. See instructions below on the reverse side of “Pellon Iron on Backing”.

Image4: Pellon Iron on Backing

Step5: Use hot Iron until fabric is fused with Iron on Backing

Image5: Use hot iron to fuse the Iron on Backing on the back of the fabric

Step6: You can now use the flower shaped stencil to trace the flower pattern on the fabric.

Image6: Use stencil to trace flower on the back of the fabric

You can trace as many designs we want without waisting fabric.

Image7: Trace as many designs as needed without wasting the fabric

Step7: This step has to be taken carefully. In this step you will cut the fabric in shape of the flower tracing.

Image7: Cut the fabric in shape of the flower tracing

Step8: Now check your design from the front side of the fabric.

Image8: Flower shaped pennant is ready

You may cut all the pennants and it will look something like this.

Image9: All pennants are ready now

Step9: Lay the pennant on a foam board

Image10: Put the pennant on a foam board

Step10: Cut two small slits on the fabric with fabric knife or scissors

Image11: Cut 2 slits on the fabric

Step11: Repeat step 10 for all the flags and then put a satin ribbon through the slits of each flag.

Image12: Put Satin ribbon through the flags

You can have a single flower flag banner or can have as many flower flags in your banner you like. However if you want to give more depth and designer look to your flag then there are few more things you need to do.

Step12: You are going to add a small flower at the center of the flag to add depth it. The small flower will be made using Vinyl in a color of your choice. I choose blue colored vinyl. You will need to trace small flowers, about 1/6th the size of the flag, on the back of the vinyl sheet, as shown below –

Image13: Draw flowers on the back of the vinyl sheet

Step13: Now cut out the small flowers using the same technique you used previously using a rotary cutter or scissors. This is howthey would look –

Image14: Cut out small flowers on Vinyl sheet

Step14: Now you need to decorate these small flowers with fabric paint. Use your imagination for whatever decoration your want. I have done something simple and this is how it looks –

Image15: Decorate the small flowers

Step15: Make a hole in the middle of the small flower with the 1/16 inch hand punches.

Image16: Make holes in the center of small flower using hand punches

Step16: Tuck the small flower at its center with the big flower flag. You can also glue them if you like. Your “classic autumn leaves flower banner” is ready to be hung at your favorite place in your home.

Image17: Your "Classic Autumn Leaves & Flower Banner" is ready!!

What projects are you planning to do this year or have already started to work on? How did you like this project?

Thanks for visiting my blog, if you like or don’t like (that cool too) this project or any comment please do share. It would mean a lot to me.

See you soon with more, exciting and fun DIY ideas.

Happy  Crafting and DIYing till then!

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