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Baby sweater set, perfect for Valentine’s day!

Soft Hand Knitted Baby Suit in Pink & White



This is a cute little sweater set with pretty combinations of stitches that makes this one a must have. Keep your little girl warm in style with this beautiful baby suit – sweater, cap and booties. This is ideal for babies from zero to three months.

Yarn used: Medium pink & white. Yarn is soft baby wool.


– length from neckline to hem: 9 inches
– width around chest at underarms: 14-16 inches
– sleeve length from neckline to cuff: 8.5 inches
– sleeve length from armpit to cuff: 4.5 inches



– 12 to 13 inches in circumference (un-stretched)
– 15 to16 inches stretched


BOOTIES (sole size) 3.5 inches (un-stretched) 4.5 inches (stretched)



This item will be shipped free. You can see more designs and order this item from my Etsy shop (


DIY – Autumn Banner!

Do it yourself – Classic Autumn Leaves & Flower Banner

Most of the Banners and Buntings I have created so far have been mostly for festivals, gifs, home decor and other occasions. This time around I’ve tried to create a unique, designer, floral banner that is made with high quality fabric and has rich autumn leave patterns. Each banner pennant itself is shaped like a flower. This banner is to celebrate, welcome and cherish the time of the year that I love the most i.e. Autumn. I enjoyed creating this banner a lot and hope you do to0!

Step1: So the first step as always is to make sure you have all the material you need for to create this banner. Prepare all the material so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are in the middle of doing things –

Image1: Classic Autumn Leaves Floral Banner

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