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Happy Turkey – Embroidery artwork

A perfect representation of sharing and thankfulness that abounds us all during the festival season. An artwork that’s eager to grace the walls of your home.

Product photography can be tricky!

I have been struggling since last ten days – first I haven’t found any models for the handicraft items I created earlier last week. I had created brooches and hair-pins for young girls and couldn’t find anybody to model for that. The other issue is with the shiny and sparkly material that I used on the brooches and hairpins that I created. This material is very hard to photograph. It doesn’t come out well in the pictures. What is even more frustrating is that when I use images of kids and then add these brooches/hairpins on them the final image doesn’t come out well either. No matter how much of photoshopping I do on these images, they don’t seem right. The images of brooches/hairpins look good only when they are worn by a real person. Earlier I have used dolls to display the brooches/hairpins but the doll head is too small in comparison to the the hairpins and it makes the image look fake and odd.

Well what can I do? So today I decided to continue my work and blog without the baby model. However I did find a beautiful pet model “Snoop”. He looks really handsome in this snazzy Merry Christmas bandanna. Thanks to Linda and Sarah for letting Snoop model.  In Snoop’s scarf I used plain fabric color instead of sparkly stuff and as you can see it has come out much better. I am going to continue to make the same stuff (scarves/brooches/hairpins) in other materials that is not so shiny and sparkly and see if I can avoid this problem.

I have few more things cooking related to the fun jewelry concept. I will put them on the blog as soon as I have some ready.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here…!

Christmas is almost here and I am busy designing and working on artworks on the holiday theme. With that in mind, this morning I came across this desktop background which is so good and christmasy that I couldn’t help sharing this free Christmas gift with everybody. The credit for this well designed desktop background goes to Jaro Mlkvy from Slovakia and I came across it on Smashing Magazine (one of the best online web design magazine).

Fun Craft Ideas III

After working on this project for last one week, now I have some better understanding of what I want and how to create these headbands and brooches for babies. Here are 3 more pictures but they are not yet done completely. If you think you would like to see some other designs please let me know by commenting on this blog post or connect with me on my Facebook page here.

Fun Craft Ideas II

So I finally designed two craft items today based on the idea that I had yesterday. I have to work on them a little more and refine the designs. I will create few more of these in the next couple of days. These can be designed as holiday headbands for little babies.

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