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Micro DIY #3

Continuing with my Micro DIY series in which I have created nine small, fun project specially for Valentine’s day. Check out my last two blog posts – “Cozy Love” and “Stir & Love“.


The most beautiful and at the same time most complex emotion in the universe is  “Love”. There are so many shades and expressions of love that it is hard to list them. It can  be expressed just with a glance or  a simple gift that costs less than a dollar and sometime with the most magnificent building in the world “Taj Mahal“.


So go ahead and express it in your own unique way, whatever that might be to the one whom you love.






The source of inspiration for this DIY series is the wonderful post “Yarn Love by Camilla Fabrri on her blog Family Chic“.

Happy Crafting!


Cozy Times!

Micro DIY #2

This the 2nd part of the Micro DIY series that I have created specially for Valentine’s day. In the previous DIY project I wrapped woolen yarn around a small container in which I store the stirrers in my kitchen.


In this second post I want to make something to remember our cozy times with ones we love. I mean literally making the time cozy. Check the pictures below and I’m sure you will feel warm too.



Two down seven more micro DIYs to go!


Happy Crafting!!


Stir & Wrap

Micro DIY Project – #1

I’m going to put a series of micro DIY projects for Valentine’s day. The idea is to be able to do these projects from start to finish in a short time. Each of these projects are simple, can be done by anybody, don’t need many tools and I guarantee 100% they would help you spread some love and make your home pretty.



I have a transparent plastic holder in which I keep coffee and tea stirrers. In this DIY I have wrapped it in yarn that matches the sofa in my living room. You can choose any yarn color you like to match your home decor.



Happy crafting!!

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