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Today I’m going to share an easy way of making cute Valentine’s day accessory, right for all ages, without breaking the bank, and having fun at the same time.




Materials List: Valentine Erasers –
You can buy these erasers from dollar store also and that would be much cheaper.


Ribbon or lace:






Use the needed to make a hole in each eraser, preferably on the top-upper edge of the eraser.




Run the string through the hole.




Now tie a knot to keep the lace from twisting, this will help to keep the eraser stay upright also.




You can make single pendant necklace or make multi-pendant necklace with the same thread  (see the picture below). You can use different erasers for different occasions also. The picture below is an example of a necklace made with multiple halloween themed erasers.



With this simple technique you can make your Valentine’s day memories permanent with few cheap erasers.


Knitting in 2013 – New beginning!

I’m in the “knit all the time” mind frame these days . I have knitted a bunch of flowers, please check out the pictures. However I’m kind of stuck and need some help. What can I do with these knitted flowers? What kind of things can I make with these flowers. The one thing that comes to mind is headbands, but I need more ideas friends.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Please help!

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