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Life is Beautiful – Valentine’s Day!


Window Treatment on Valentine's Day

What is love?

So many authors have written thousands of word about it, so many unsuccessful attempts have been made to define it but still this most wonderful feeling in life eludes us from defining it. May be the mystery of love is what makes it so interesting. May be it isn’t supposed to be defined!

It’s strange that water, oxygen, food, shelter, money are not just enough in life. Everybody needs and wants to share love.

A combination of twenty-six alphabets are not enough to define the feeling which only a heart can feel. Valentine’s Day is meant to share, spread, show and celebrate love.

This year I want to share this love with the world by saying “Life is Beautiful”, it’s the most wonderful story in the universe. There can’t be anything more touching than a man’s true love story. A story without love is not worth telling! The artwork below sums of this feeling better than anything I have ever seen.


This artwork is from the creative genius and cartoonist Hugh McLeod.


I’m excited to take part in this week’s very interesting CSIProject challenge – “Time to link up for the Window Treatment Challenge“. Below is my DIY craft project as entry in this challenge.

  1. First choose your Fabric design.
    You can buy this from your local favorite craft store.
    I bought mine from local Joann store.
    You can also buy this directly from “Fat Quarter Shop” which has hundreds of awesome fabric prints.
  2. You would also need Stain Ribbon. I have used an Offray Single Face Satin Ribbon.
  3. Last thing you would need is a Pellon Iron-on-backing (Single Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer) and you get it from your local craft store or from Joann.
  4. We can do anything without our tools. For this project and all you would need is a Scissor or Precision Knife. If you already have one then we all are set to start creating our “Window Treatment on Valentine’s Day” DIY craft project.



You must apply Iron-on backing on the back side of the fabric to strengthen it.

Check procedure of using Pellon iron-on backing  from the picture given below.

Trace your designs on the Pellon iron-on backing i.e. on the back side of fabric, as shown below.

Now cut the fabric along the trace line with your scissor or precision fabric knife. This is how your heart-shaped fabric pieces will look. Ain’t the sweet!

Now we need to thread the Satin Ribbon through needle, then poke lightly with the fabric knife somewhere near the top of the fabric to make a small cut. Pass the satin ribbon through the cut and repeat the same for all other pieces.


The Window Treatment is ready and you can be hung on any window of your home. I hung is inside the front entry door of my home (see the top picture).

Please share your comments and suggestions on this DIY. Also you may take part in CSI Project weekly challenges, its lot of fun.

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  1. Very Cute!! I would like to try to make these window decorations sometime.

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