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Life is Beautiful – Valentine’s Day!


Window Treatment on Valentine's Day

What is love?

So many authors have written thousands of word about it, so many unsuccessful attempts have been made to define it but still this most wonderful feeling in life eludes us from defining it. May be the mystery of love is what makes it so interesting. May be it isn’t supposed to be defined!

It’s strange that water, oxygen, food, shelter, money are not just enough in life. Everybody needs and wants to share love.

A combination of twenty-six alphabets are not enough to define the feeling which only a heart can feel. Valentine’s Day is meant to share, spread, show and celebrate love.

This year I want to share this love with the world by saying “Life is Beautiful”, it’s the most wonderful story in the universe. There can’t be anything more touching than a man’s true love story. A story without love is not worth telling! The artwork below sums of this feeling better than anything I have ever seen.


This artwork is from the creative genius and cartoonist Hugh McLeod.

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